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On n’a que celui-là sous la main, mais ils étaient tous absents. On aura compris que le tweet de Graves, hier, était sardonique






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Margarita Simonyan’s and Maria Zakharova’s reaction to the rendition of Julian Assange


The Saker.isApril 11, 2019



What happened is this : since the legacy Ziomedia hates Assange and since they were embarrassed by having this Uber-whistle-blower locked away for 7 years for daring to reveal the true nature of the AngloZionst Empire, they did not have anybody in from of the Ecuadorian Embassy when Assange was rendered.  Now they have to humiliate themselves and ask RT (whom they hate and constantly insult) for some footage.  Here is Margarita Simonian’s brilliant reaction to this state of affairs :




Translation : the most obvious sentence one could pass over the total disgrace the world media has become can be seen in the fact that nobody was here to film the arrest of Julian Assange, only us (RT).  That in spite of the fact that everybody already knew that he would be expelled.  Now they have to come and ask for our footage.
CNN and The Guardian have the gall to call us and ask how it is that we were the only ones to get this footage.

It’s obvious: you are just the spineless hypocritical servants of your Establishment and not journalists at all.  This is why such a thing happened.


As for Maria Zakharova, she truly put it beautifully:




“The hand of “democracy” chokes the neck of freedom”


I could not have put it better myself.

The Saker





En résumé : l’« extraordinary rendition » d’Assange a eu lieu devant une absence totale de médias, pourtant prévenus depuis des jours qu’elle allait avoir lieu. Seul les journaliste, cameraman et photographe de RT étaient présents. Aujourd’hui, CNN et The Guardian sont obligés d’aller à Canossa et prier RT de leur passer le matériel d’information qu’ils n’ont pas, en ayant le culot de demander comment il se fait qu’ils soient les seuls à en avoir.

Le Saker a mis en ligne, sur son site, la réaction de Margarita Simonyan, pour RT et celle de Maria Zakharova.



Simonyan : « C’est évident. Vous n’êtes que les laquais hypocrites et sans échine de votre establishment et pas des journalistes du tout. C’est pour ça qu’une telle chose s’est produite. »



Zakharova : « La main de la “démocratie” serre le cou de la liberté. »



Quant au monde-spectateur, autrement appelé « communauté internationale », il n’a pas trouvé, nous l’avons dit, le moyen d’arracher un homme à une poignée de malfrats de bas-étage.

Et pour ce qui est de l’Équateur (notre avis pour ce qu’il vaut), ne vous paraît-il pas urgent de débaptiser l’innommable Moreno, pour que Vladimir Ilitch cesse de se retourner aussi violemment dans son mausolée ? On proposerait bien « Judas »… si on ne savait pas que le malheureux Iscariote n’a jamais été qu’un dieu matriarcal calomnié post mortem par de trop zélés zélotes.

On pourrait ouvrir un concours…

Vous avez des suggestions ?





Enfin, nous ne pouvons pas faire moins que relayer (en anglais aussi) la réaction d’Information Clearing House, tout juste sortie d’une attaque contre son site via son hébergeur. C’est ici :







Peut-être « à suivre » en français…


Edward Snowden : Assange Arrest « Dark Moment for Press Freedom » – One for « The History Books »


Tyler Durden – Russia Insider – April 12, 2019

Free Assange!


“Assange’s critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom,” NSA whistleblower and leaker Edward Snowden wrote on Twitter in reaction to seeing WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange dragged by UK police from his seven year asylum captivity at the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Thursday. 





Via Ruptly/Reuters

A bearded, disheveled-looking Assange was filmed being roughly escorted out of the embassy by British police and loaded into a police van. Assange can be seen shouting :

« The UK must resist this attempt by the Trump administration. »

The arrest came, as WikiLeaks predicted, a mere days after the organization was tipped off that Ecuador was preparing to swiftly end Assange’s asylum and hand him over the UK authorities, after which it’s further believed the WikiLeaks founder will be extradited to the United States

As we reported Assange’s lawyer has confirmed that he was arrested not solely on charges stemming from skipping bail in the UK, but in connection with an extradition request from the US.

Snowden tweeted that the dramatic images of UK authorities dragging Assange out of the embasy were a “dark moment for press freedom.”

He further commented that a publisher of  “award-winning journalism” being arrested and thrown into a security van would “end up in the history books. »


Images of Ecuador’s ambassador inviting the UK’s secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of–like it or not–award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange’s critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom. https://t.co/ys1AIdh2FP

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden)

April 11, 2019


Lire la suite…

 Source : https://russia-insider.com/en/edward-snowden-assange-arrest-dark-moment-press-freedom-one-history-books/ri26759






Un article du Russe Anatoly Karlin déchaîne actuellement les passions sur ce même site. On le trouve aussi sur The Unz Review. Ne sachant rien des faits réels, qui sont peut-être seulement allégués, nous le mentionnons ici pour mémoire, quitte à y revenir plus tard, si des lumières indiscutables nous parviennent.



Why Did Russia Refuse to Let Assange Stay at Its Embassy ?


Anatoly Karlin – Russia Insider – April 11, 2019

Free Assange!


In another timeline, Julian Assange may have enjoyed long walks with Edward Snowden by the Patriarch Ponds in Moscow.



Imagine that you are a dissident at risk of extradition to a jilted superpower, whose secrets you just spilled for the entire world to gawk at, and you happen to be caught up in the capital of one of its vassal states.

What do you do ? Which Embassy do you pick?



Map of how often countries vote with the US at the UN.



One of your first, more elementary considerations should be that your target country would actually be willing to give you political asylum. This rules out pretty much the entire West, and America’s various vassal states in the Third World. This is the relatively easy part, and few go wrong here. Though there are exceptions. I am reminded of a particularly dim MI6 agent who tried to sell UK intelligence secrets to… the Netherlands. But say what you will of him – Assange is mostly certainly not stupid.

Second, it should be a powerful, politically stable country. For instance, Russia has never extradited Western spies back to their homelands, even during the Americanophile 1990s under Yeltsin. In contrast, while much of Latin America might be run by American-skeptical leftists these days, they have a habit of veering sharply to the right, which tends to be highly subservient to the United States there. Ecuador narrowly avoided that in 2017, when the neoliberal Guillermo Lasso – who had promised to evict Assange – was defeated by Lenin Moreno, who promised to continue Correa’s policies. But Ecuador is a small country, vulnerable to outside pressure, and in any case, as has already long been clear, Moreno is not so committed to the anti-imperialist struggle as his predecessor.

Lire la suite…

Source : https://russia-insider.com/en/why-did-russia-refuse-let-assange-stay-its-embassy/ri26749


NB : Les commentaires, fort nombreux, sont aussi importants que l’article.





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